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Brief Of Xuhui District

Outline of Xuhui District Shanghai China


Xuhui District , at longitude 120.26 east and latitude 31.12 north, is situated southwest of the urban center of Shanghai, with an area of 54.76 square kilos, of which 50.94 kilos is covered with land and 3.82 kilos with water. It takes up 19.54 % of the total urban area of Shanghai. The district stretches eastwards to Ruijin Rd (S) and Shanxi Rd (S), adjacent to Luwan District and connected to Pudong New District by Xupu Bridge, southwestwards to Hongmei Rd, HongmeiRd (S), Old Huming Rd and Guan-gang Village of Huajing Town, next to Minghang District, and northwards to Changle Rd, Huashan Rd, Xingguo Rd, Huaihai Rd (W), bordering on Jing’an District and Changning District. It covers seven kilos from west to east and thirteen kilos apart from north to south. The area is crisscrossed with railways, waterways, overpasses, elevated highways, which are arteries to the neighboring districts of Minghang, Fengxian, Nanhui, Jinshan, Qingpu and the neighboring provinces of Jianshu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi.

The name of the district “Xujiahui” or “ Xuhui” dates back to the late Ming Dynasty, according to data in history that Xu Guangqi, the famous scientist and great scholar of Wenyuange ( an institute then ), built a cottage at the joint of the two rivers of Zhaojiabang and Lihongjing and took up agricultural experiments here. He was buried here after his death, and since then some of his descendants took up residence and multiplied in the area. That is how the district got its present name.

Up to Dec. 2001, the district has developed into twelve communities of Hunan, Tianping, Xietu, Fenlin, Xujiahui, Tianlin, Hongmei, Kangjian, Changqiao, Linyun, Longhua, Caohejing and one town of Huajing. It has a population of 875,308, of 315,775 regular households, divided into 362 Neighborhood Committees and 16 Residents’ Committees. Of the total population, there are 5,723 agricultural inhabitants and 173, 608 over 60 years old, which reaches 19.55%. The population density is 15,984 per square meter. There are forty-three minority nationalities with a population of 8,578. The government building stands at No. 336 Caoxi Rd (N).

Xuhui District is flourishing in economy and all other utilities, with its multi-functions of a bustling commercial and trade area, a comfortable high-grade residential area, an advanced science-and-technology-intensive area, and a first-class area superior in culture and education.

First of all, a large group of well-known shopping malls like Oriental Department Store, Pacific Department Store, Grand Gateway Plaza, Huijin Department Store, and No.6 Department Store etc. have gathered in the busy Xujiahui commercial center, which is spreading out a symbolic area of property of a world metropolis ---- goods are a feast for the eyes, intensive competitions are among the malls, department stores and shopping centers, and many world famous multinational corporations and enterprises like Microsoft, ExxonMobile, Tricon, etc. have been attracted here, having formed a tendency of thousands of business groups in the area. The construction of the commercial artery of Zhaojiabang Rd is under preparation, and IT industry garden and the biology-medicine industry area are in embryo, the leisure street of Hengshan Rd, the green Xujiahui Park, the imposing Shanghai Stadium, the “Giant” Scholar Book Store, Kodak, and Yongle Supper Movie Theater etc. have been places of relaxation, entertainment, GSM, and knowledge pursuit, suitable for all, young and old, men and women.

Secondly, Xuhui District has been well-known as a high-level residential area in Shanghai all along, for there are more than 2,000 buildings and apartments with a wide variety of Western styles, which are ranked at the top of the city, such as Lilac Garden, Fuxing Apartment, Madame Song Qingling’s Former Residence, Huaihai Multi-storey Building, Wukang Tower and so on all embody ancient and modern, foreign and domestic schools of architecture, and depict the colorful paintings of architectural history. Meanwhile, they are also permanent memories of politics, economy, culture, history of the contemporary Shanghai society. In recent years, throngs of distinguished foreign and domestic business investors have been coming, devoting themselves to this “ Hot Lang” full of challenges. Lots of ecological and intellectual modern residential areas like Zhonghaixin Garden, Wanke Waltz Garden, Aijian Garden and so on have been set up one after another, making rich the modern atmosphere of residential culture. “Living in Xuhui” has been the highlight at the real estate market of Shanghai.

Thirdly, Xuhui District is abundant in the resource of science and technology. There are 118 scientific research institutions like China Academy of Science of ( Shanghai Branch), Shanghai Academy of Science. Caohejing Hi-tech Innovation Garden, a modern technology development area at the national level, is also located in Xuhui district. The district is endeavoring to turn the priority of resource into an industry one, having formed three modern technology industries of electronic information, biological medicine and new material. It is speeding up the construction of science and technology industrial area and forming the construction frame of Three Zones and Three Gardens, namely, Xuhui Science and Technology Intensive Zone, Caohejing Hi-tech Innovation Zone, Huajing Industrial Zone, University Industry Garden, Guangqi Industrial Garden, and East China University of Science and Technology Industrial Garden.

Finally, there are about ten institutions of higher learning, including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University (Fenglin Campus), East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, etc. Its elementary education is also advanced. Nanyang Model High School, Shanghai High School, Weiyu High School have gained a high reputation both at home and abroad. What’s more, many famous medical organizations are grouped in the district such as Zhongshan Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Tumour Hospital, E.E.N.T. & Stomatology Hospital and so on. The number of hospitals with over a thousand patients’ beds has reached the advanced level of developed countries. The cultural and sports facilities and institutes such as Shanghai Library, Shanghai Grand Theater, Shanghai Film Group Corporation, Shanghai Symphony and Shanghai Stadium, are all located in Xuhui District as well.



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